Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Woah, time flys when you're not having fun

So, it's been a while...
Partly because I'm too busy to write intricate postings, and partly because facebook is just so much faster and convenient.

School is tough, money is rough, and I'm just like....what the hell happened to this year????
I can't believe how fast my second year in Pharmacy has flown by.
I mean, holy crap.
I'm one year older, I'm really not much wiser, but I am full of a lot of useless information...this I know for sure.

But that's university for you. You pay a lot of money for a lot of crap that goes along with your useful, practical, and applicable information.

I remember my first year of pharmacy. Wide-eyed, anxious to get started, worried that I would fail out or not get straight A's, and I treated EVERYTHING that was said or taught to me as if it was solid gold....maybe even platinum.

Now...after real life experience and after actually working in a pharmacy...I realize pharmacy school is full of a lot of really useless bullshit. I could care less about the high standards they place on us students, because I now know that the real world just doesn't work that way.
So maybe I am slightly wiser or maybe just slightly more cynical. But I am able to pick out what I feel is most relevant to me, and what I think would be most useful to me to become a successful pharmacist...
but after this hellish year of 7 courses per semester, and a month of unpaid work experience...I'm ready to graduate!!! So maybe I'm only half a pharmacist, who cares.

Ok well, I'm not actually ready to graduate...but I feel ready. Or maybe I just wish the next 2 years of the program would fly by as quickly as this one just did. hmmmm....

So finals are 2 weeks away. Then I'm off to Toronto for 5 days...checking out all a drug manufacturing companies and allowing them to spoil us rotten with freebies...including free food. Woohoo. Then off to Montréal...a city I've only seen as a young girl and at an age I couldn't really appreciate. So I'm looking forward to the experience! The only problem is I don't know much french anymore...since I haven't used it in YEARS. But that's ok, there are several french speaking people in my class who will be willing to interpret. After that, I fly back to Newfie-land.

THEN to the hospital I go. pharmacy. Oh boy....I just can't wait...
Yup, I'm excited...considering I've already signed a contract with Shoppers Drug Mart to work as a community pharmacist...and I'm really not fussy about working for free in a hospital pharmacy, gaining experience that will NEVER apply to me. Woo hoo....

Anyway, I'm not going to write much more since I don't even think anyone I know reads my blog anymore, as I haven't written in almost a year or more...

That's it.


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Life at the Pharmacy

Above is the Holy Bible for the every day Pharmacist....

As many of you know, I am doing my workterm this summer in a Pharmacy. This was to be a 4 week non-paid experience for credit towards my degree program. They friendly folks at Sobey's have decided to hire me on for 8 weeks (PAID!) after my SPE is complete. So I am one happy pharmacy student.

So, what is life like in a pharmacy? What do those serious-looking, constantly counting, lab-coat wearing professionals really do behind that counter? Why do they always look so focused and concentrated on what they are doing?

Because! It's so easy to make an "F"ing mistake that could cost you your LIFE! Yeah, that's right!
We don't just COUNT pills ok. We make sure directions are right, dosing is correct, the doctor didn't take crack the day of your visit and prescribe something that could kill you, or that you are crazy allergic to...we deal with your billing and insurance crap, spend hours on the phone talking to stuck-up egomaniac doctors so YOU don't have to, and insurance companies who don't want to dish out, even when they know they HAVE TO!!

So the next time you visit your local pharmacy....tell your pharmacist THANK YOU for all the hard work they do. Because even though you can't see everything that goes on behind that counter, believe me. It's a LOT more than the average person would bargain for!
OH YEAH!! AND CALL FOR REFILLS YOU LAZY SHOPPERS!!!! Just freakin call!!!! Don't huff when you gotta wait 15 minutes so we can do all of the above!!! Just could be saving your stupid, useless, good-for-nothing life.

Oh, did I mention that I LOVE working at the Pharmacy? THEHEHHEHEH!
No seriously, it's cool.

And remember...pills are good.

More good stories and counting...don't worry I didn't forget. I simply just don't have time to tell them yet!!!

Can you guess the brand and proprietary name of the pills below????
One hint: It's generic!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Time flies when you're busy

Holy Crap. It's been over a month since my last final exam and it feels like it's been a day. I have been more busy lately than while in school...although the change in routine certainly is refreshing.

I'm two weeks into my work term or SPE as Pharmacy calls it...don't ask why....and I'm loving it...except the not getting paid part. I think it's a total crock! Anyway, this SPE is a lot of work...I'm working, plus studying plus learning from the preceptor. I am physically and mentally exhausted when I get home from a day's work but at the same time, I enjoy what I'm doing. Meanwhile I'm job hunting, personal training a friend 6 days a week at the gym, trying to fit in doctors appointments, yoga, interviews, car maintenance, and, of course, Whipper time. We try to go to the park a few times a week so she can sniff other doggies and say hi without trying to kill them. She is doing well in this area.
Needless to say, I'm busy busy busy!
Most days I don't even turn the tv on when I get home. And my feet kill. I have already promised myself a pedicure after I finish this workterm! Whippers feet licks will have to do for now. That little dog loves to lick stinky feet. I don't get it, but I'm not's the only foot-pain relief I have right now. Don't judge me...I'm a poor student who is working for NOTHING!!! noooothingggggggg!

So yeah, I live alone now. It's great actually. Not that I like not having my sister around but there is something to be said about living alone and getting into the zone. I enjoy playing music when I want to, dancing around the house like a crazy person without anyone watching, watching whatever I want whenever I want, keeping the house tidy and clean, and cooking. Yes, even cooking. I enjoy owning my own place and having time to myself, especially since I've been dealing with the general public most every day. Granted, I get out a lot and do a lot of things with friends, so that might be why I don't feel as lonely. I dunno. Plus I have Whipper and she's basically like my baby.

So, yeah. Now I need a digital camera cause I can't take pictures and upload them to this blog without one. So that's kinda poopy.

OH yah speaking of poop....To all those dog owners...please pick up your dogs poop. Seriously man, it stinks on humid hot days, and I don't enjoy steping into it when I walk my dog through the park. That or potty train him to use your toilet.

Anyway, I'm off to bed. I'm beat.
Last day of the long weekend tomorrow...must get out and enjoy it!!!!

Next time I'll tell you my story of the crazy lady who approached my in my car at an intersection, and the crazy kid who lives 3 houses down. Yeah. Don't ask me why but crazies are always attracted MY way.


Monday, April 16, 2007


I'm back and full of stories!!!!

So here is my story for today. You know when you've studied too much when...
The UPS man comes to the door and "points his pen at the little dotted line" without uttering a word and giving you the "eye."

You reply....."Do you need my signature or my signals?"
Yes...signals. That's what I said. But little did he know, I was studying for Pharmaceutical Analysis and trying to figure out how to read IR, NMR, and Mass spectrums ...which are "signals".
Anyway....He was in a really grumpy mood for whatever reason. And I'm doing a weird scrunchy face wondering why I just said "signals" instead of "initals."
He then asks me to "sign" legibily.

Ok ...first of all. WHO in gods name signs "legibily"? My signature is NOT legible. Sorry but, it's just not.
If you want legible, I PRINT!
So I sign, as I see other signatures on the paper that are VERY illegible. And I mean, who PRINTS for something sign you don't print. In the REAL WORLD, outside of UPS, you sign for a cheque, you sign for a legal document, etc etc. It's how the world works. SIGNATURES are legally binding....not printing.

Well after I signed, he said very rudely...
I was like....
UPS guy...backdown!!! I'm a woman on her last rope, studying for her 2nd last final (out of 8) and I'm ready to take out all my pent-up fustration, which has just now turned into infuriation, out on YOU little man in the brown stupid uniform!!!!...
YOU DO NOT want to piss me off today!!!!

OF course, I didn't say any of that. Instead I took a deep breath, gave him a dirty look and replied...
Then turned and slammed the door.

I'm so passive agressive.
But I've decided that the next time I see him, I'm gonna make fun of his shorts.

Last final tomorrow.
YAY for freedom!

Saturday, January 06, 2007


Most everyone who reads my blog already knows that Oreo is no longer with us. It has been a tough few days...and I have to say that I never expected to be saying goodbye to that amazing dog so soon. But to my surprise, Oreo had to be laid to rest only a few hours before my flight home from Calgary. It was extremely hard to do, but I am glad we were there for Mom and Kevin.
I knew Oreo had been sick. But sometimes pets do get sick...and you take them to the vet and they get better. Oreo was getting better. He was healthy and happy throughout the majority of the holiday. I knew he wasn't himself but I also attributed that to the fact that Oreo was getting older. Little did we know that he was dying slowing inside. After seeing the x-ray at the vet, I felt a heavy weight fall over me. I knew there was nothing we could do.

This holiday was full of many farewells, but most were not permenent. Good bye to Calgary, good bye to the house I called home, good bye to the neighbours, good bye to Aunt Joanne and Uncle Bruce, and good bye to many long-time friends that I ran into along the way. There was a sense of loss from the moment I arrived. But nothing could prepare me for what was really to come. It kills me to know that I will never see that big teddy bear of a dog, again. I am just grateful that I was able to spend another full Christmas holiday with him and gain some new memories.
It was almost like he waited for me and Danielle to come home, and then he tried to hang in until the very end. Call me silly but at the same time, he was really too smart for his own good. It really wouldn't surprise me if it were true.

Tears are rolling down my face as I write this because Oreo was always my little pal. Before I moved to Newfoundland, I was very close to that dog. Although Kevin was always First in Command, many times I felt that I came in second growing up with him. I taught him many of his tricks, attempted to walk him in the dog parks around the city (although when he was younger, he really walked ME), and spent a lot of cuddle time and play time with him.
I have so many more fond memories of him and it breaks my heart to know he is gone. Not only was he intelligent, but was he was capable of showing compassion and love. I have never met a dog who could hug you the way Oreo could. That dog LOVED his family...especially Kevin.

My life has changed and I now have my own dog. I spent the last three years living away from Oreo and in that time, Mom and Kevin became even closer to him. He was the only "kid" left after my sister and I moved to NL.
Although my heart breaks for Oreo, it breaks even more so for my parents. I cannot imagine how hard it must have been to come to an empty house with no Oreo to greet you. To have to clean up all his toys and anything else that belonged to him. To come home and know you don't have to take him for a walk now...and the list goes on. I know Kevin is lost without him and mom is having a hard time with the loneliness that accompanies his loss. But time is a wonderful healer.

I believe we made the best decision for him but it doesn't mean it still won't hurt for a while. I know Oreo made such an impression on so many people who were lucky enough to get to know him. He was not just a dog. He was so much, unique, funny, and quirky. There will NEVER be another dog like him...
If he wasn't so special, then this wouldn't hurt as much. So I welcome the intense pain because I know that he was loved more than many dogs ever experience.

I know many people will miss him very dearly, especially Mom, Kevin, Danielle and I.
So good-bye, Oreo. You were loved very much.
Good dog.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Time for another RANT!

Why are people so judgmental? Why is it a fundamental human principle to hate what is not familiar or not the norm? The human capacity to judge, segregate and kill their own kind for the sake of normality and personal belief runs ramped throughout the world. And we sit here in our westernized safe cocoon and shake our heads at the rest of the world saying, "How horrible!" In Canada, we claim to be "multi-cultural" and we preach to everyone else about how to accept others differences. But this shouldn't just end in the name of culture.
Yet in our own country we have our norms, our societal standards, laws and regulations that keep us in line and, for the most part, I do not disagree with these boundaries. However, there is a line that needs to be drawn. Given that we live in a country which ALSO prides itself in individualism and freedom of choice, I need to ask why people so quick to scorn the person who stereotypes a certain culture but then has the ability to turn around and quickly judge someone else for the personal choices they make regarding their OWN life? How the heck does this affect you? It's not YOUR life!!! It's theirs! And here's the part that just makes me want to kick them twice as hard in the ass...
Try to pass judgment on their life and what THEY do. Oh my GOD. Shit won't just hit the ONE fan, ok?

So why on earth am I bringing this up? What has me so infuriated that I will take the time out to sign into my blog and take precious time from my studying to write this long-winded rant?

One thing that people always judge me on is my choice to not have children. I dare not utter the words anywhere outside of my apartment walls because a slap in the face of verbal judgment will find me. I'm sorry but why is it such a PROBLEM with so many people to choose to not have children? It doesn't make me selfish. It doesn't make me cold. It doesn't make me immature.
Lots of people DON'T like dogs, but I do. Do I go around saying, "WHAT is wrong with you? Puppies are so cute! They love you and keep you company! What kind of person doesn't want a dog?" NO I don't, because I respect the fact that some people just don't want a dog! Why does this NOT apply to kids?
There are lots of people who want kids, so it's not as if my refraining from the act will, in some way, endanger the population of the human race. There are LOTS of children out there who are unwanted by their parents, who can't find homes, who are neglected, abused and the list goes on. People will stand there and say, "How could they? What kind of parent does that?" BUT THEN the same person will turn to me and say, "What is wrong with you for not wanting kids? It is your DUTY as a WOMAN to give birth!!!!"
HELLOOOOO PEOPLE!!! Don't you get it?
Those parents who abuse, neglect and hate their children PROBABLY were people like me!!!! They did NOT want them but were still EXPECTED to have them. Now look at the result!?!??!
Does anyone else NOT see this? I feel like I'm taking CRAZY PILLS!!!!!!!
I mean, seriously? SERIOUSLY?!??!
No, it won't be different if I have my OWN kids. No, it won't be different when I get older. NO it won't change with time!!!! The maternal biological clock does not apply to me.
I also do not judge people who want/have kids. I have friends with kids, family with kids, family who want kids, friends who want kids, etc. I know these people are at peace with their decision because it's what they want. And I respect that. It isn't what I'd want for myself, but I respect the fact that I'm not going to want what everyone else wants and vise versa.

I just wish I could figure out why people cannot learn to disagree without disrespecting.
Everyone has a right to make their own choices for what they feel is right for them within their own lives. I don't believe it is right for someone to try to control another persons decisions or ANY aspect of their life. Stick to your OWN life, which I'm sure is fucked up enough. Go work on how to fix that and stop trying to fix EVERYONE else because, in case you haven't noticed? IT'S NOT WORKING!!!!

Phewf. I feel better. Back to Anatomy.

Sunday, November 26, 2006


More pics of my cuteness!!!!!
Mom, show these to Kevin!!!
Isn't she cute?!??!?!? aweeeeee my baby!!!

Pharmacy Christmas Semi-Formal that was not so SEMI Formal!

So this past friday, the School of Pharmacy had their annual Christmas Semi-Formal event. Little did I know that in reality, the SEMI is dropped and that prom dresses and evening gowns are the dress codes for the night. Add a limo ride and you'd probably experience a little DEJA VU from grade 12 grad or something. Most of the girls in my class aren't long out of high school so they just wore their prom dresses from a couple years ago. Me however, did not even GO to grad, and even if I did, my grad dress would not fit me, 8 years later.
SO, being poor and not thinking this was a big deal, I went in a simple skirt and dressy top and I stuck out like a sore thumb. And our 1st class compared to those of 2nd to 4th year were VERY VERY VERY underdressed in comparision.
But lessoned learned. Next year I will be sure to buy something much more elegant and hopefully I'll be 15 lbs lighter so I can fit into it like a model. bahhahahah

Anyway, I figured I would post a few pics from the night, regardless. And show you who it is I see 5 days of the week, and will see for 4 more years of my life.

Mom, this post is mainly for you.

Me, Jamie, Julie and Meghan N. - My Anatomy and Phsyiology lab group.

Katie, Megan D, and Erika being very drunk.

Above we have Eryn and Leslie and below Jamie and me - this completes the members of our own little click.

Me and Jules below

Me and Eryn chillin out

This picture wasnt taken by me but we have starting from the left, going right:

Erika, Megan D, Garrett, Stacy, Nikki, her boyfriend Eric behind her, Greg, and Andrew. The last girl on the right is Andrews gf and she isn't in our class but I think her name was Melanie?

So yeah, there go. A few random people that are in my class. This of course doesn't include EVERYONE but I have a class picture that I will post later for that one. Most of these pics include the people I am closest with in the class.

Cheers and a very early Merry Christmas!

22 days till Calgary.